What We Do

Weddings, parties, showers, proms, funerals, and every day celebrations. These are just a few of the life events we design florals for every week. Whether you are planning your dream wedding, or want to help a friend celebrate their last day of chemo, we can help you make a beautiful expression of the emotions of that moment. Our designers are all trained not only to create beautiful arrangements, but also to create beautiful relationships with our customers.

In addition to cut stems, we also keep a generous inventory of live plants and silk flowers that we sell individually or in arrangements. We design our live plant and silk arrangements with the same care and passion that we put into our cut floral designs, and realize these are just as important to our customers as the live flowers we are known for.

When you walk though our store, we want you to feel like you’ve walked into a lush local market full of joyful colors, and soothing greens. Our chalkboards and handwritten signs create a market feel. Our gifts made by local artisans compliment the live plants and bright flower arrangements through out the store. We do our best to create a relaxing environment that brings out the creativity and joy in each person that walks through the door.

Event Décor and Floral Styling

Event Décor and Floral Styling: Elevate your event to new heights with our event décor and floral styling services. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or social gathering, our team will transform your venue into a captivating space. We bring creativity, attention to detail, and a keen eye for aesthetics to every aspect of the event. From stunning floral installations to exquisite tablescapes, we’ll create a cohesive and visually stunning atmosphere that reflects your unique style.

Fresh Floral Designs

When it comes to fresh flowers, we want your floral order to say everything you want it to say and we are here to listen and make sure that it does just that. Every order is it’s own special piece of art that we make come to life just for you, your event, or the special person you are sending it to. We avoid cookie cutter designs that many wire services use, and take an individual approach to each order. We pride ourselves in choosing a wide array of color and texture for every design, and our goal is to deliver exactly what you have envisioned or better. We want you to remember the moment for years, and we hope the memory is framed and enhance by beautiful flowers.

Silk Designs and Custom Bows

Our Cemetery Florals are created with as much thought and creativity as our live arrangements. We work hard to find the loveliest and most realistic silks for family cemetery tributes. We always have a selection pre-made and on hand in the store, and we can create custom orders for families with special flower or ribbon requests. Tell us a little about the person you want to honor and we may even be able to add special items that help tell the story of who they were.

Custom orders are best when we have at least two weeks notice before pick up to create the perfect tribute. We do our best to honor every request if at all possible.


We also design silks for seasonal mailbox displays, door hangers, parties, and other spaces. Give us a little inspiration and we will happily run with it, creating arrangements that will wow your neighbors or guests.


Bows can also be purchased in the store or custom ordered for events like births, holidays, and parties of all sorts.