What are you “planting” for the New Year?


I can’t tell you how often I hear the following phrase on my sales floor: “I am terrible at keeping plants alive.”

I have a small confession. Until I took this job, I was too, but I’ve gotten much better at it. In the beginning, when I made the decision to be a local “go to” destination for houseplants, I made a lot of mistakes. Truth be told I’m still learning and have several, more plant savvy friends, on speed dial as I continue to learn how to be a better plant mom.

What I’ve learned most of all is this. When it comes to plants in your home, you have to think of their care, as a form of your own self-care. The time I take every few days to check on the needs of my plants around the house, is actually time I get to breathe, find some grounding, and get excited about the progress both me and the plant are making.

Sounds a little “woo woo” doesn’t it? I’ve found it to be totally true though. It’s not about skill as much as it is about taking those few moments to assess the plant’s needs. I know we are all over scheduled and often, for those who think they are terrible at taking care of plants, it seems like just one more thing to take care of. The reality is though, it takes very little time, and the time that it does take is a slight reprieve that hones a new skill, offers a chance to give yourself some patience, might bring some new friends as you find fellow plant parents, and offers a little joy when that new leaf emerges or your plant blooms. It’s all in how you plant the idea of doing it into your mind. (See what I did there?)

This year, we want to help you plant a little self-care when it comes to learning about houseplants. We’re going to host monthly propagation swaps, host some workshops with speakers who can share their knowledge, continue to source locally made containers to make your plants happy, and as usual, keep a great selection of plants for our customers to purchase.

So, consider planting a little joy in 2024. Follow our Facebook events to see the latest events and pops ups that we do this year. Pick up a new hobby and join us as we create a little community of plant friends here at Amazing Flowers and Occasions this coming year.